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Vacheron Constantin

My SIHH 2016 Highlights and Best Moments

Finally back home to my lovely Dubai after a long break in Switzerland. I have got a lot of stories to share with you among the ones I wrote while I am there, so let’s do it! Of course, the first highlight of my trip was being invited to attend the glamorous SIHH 2016 fair in Geneva organised by the Richemont Group; so let me share with you my experience during those 5 days.

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Vacheron Constantin Manufacture Visit

After SIHH 2016 has been wrapped up with an overwhelming new releases from all of the Richemont Group; I had the chance to be invited to the manufacture of one of the oldest and most prestigious watchmakers in the World, with over 260 uninterrupted years of operations; of course I am talking about Vacheron Constantin.

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The Road to SIHH 2016

Good Day my dear friends !!!

As you all may you know, we are only a few days away from one of the biggest watch fairs in the world – exactly 5 days away from January 18th SIHH 2016 Geneva opening doors!

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AWG reviews Vacheron Constantin Harmony Tourbillon Chronograph

Gerard Mercator Double Retrograde- Vacheron Constantin Alternative Time Display Masterpieces

Vacheron Constantin Mercator edition is produced in 950 platinum self winding wristwatch with retrograde hands made to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the death of Gerard Mercator, a famous cartographer Continue reading “Gerard Mercator Double Retrograde- Vacheron Constantin Alternative Time Display Masterpieces”

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