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Transformers Age of Extinction.. Bumble Bee.. Optimus Prime… Memorigin!!!

With the launch of the latest Transformers movie on June 27th, Memorigin has introduced a very limited series of its Tourbillon watches in the market – the Transformers series comes in 50 pieces of two models: the Bumble Bee model in yellow and the Optimus Prime Model in Blue Continue reading “Transformers Age of Extinction.. Bumble Bee.. Optimus Prime… Memorigin!!!”

MemOrigin Tourbillon arriving to Dubai soon by MarzGlobal

Tuesday March 4th was the start of the Dubai Boat Show at Meridien Mina El Syahi, where all boat lovers and boat manufacturers gather up to showcase their latest products and share their passion for boats and yachts. ¬†For us watch lovers and aficionados, it was a different story; we teamed up with the founder of MarzGlobal to bring you a sneak peal of their latest brand introduction into the GCC market… The MemOrigin straight from HongKong with their inhouse built Tourbillon mechanism. Continue reading “MemOrigin Tourbillon arriving to Dubai soon by MarzGlobal”

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