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BaselWorld 2014 .. New Releases and Anticipations.. A Glimpse

With BaselWorld starting in 4 more days on March 27th, all watch collectors and aficionados are looking forward for all the exciting news and releases from our favorite brands and watch manufacturers. Some already launched their pre-2014 BaselWorld new creations, others like ROLEX have started with teasing us only 🙂 Continue reading “BaselWorld 2014 .. New Releases and Anticipations.. A Glimpse”

Hijra.. Konstantin Chaykin masterpiece reflecting Islamic Calendar

Time is a great gift given to us by Allah.. Muslim understood it and pay attention to it and are always reminded of it in the Kuran Suras. Konstantin Chaykin also understands the concept of time and for that reason decided to create a masterpiece that reflects its importance and honors it with its “Hijra” creation Continue reading “Hijra.. Konstantin Chaykin masterpiece reflecting Islamic Calendar”

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