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The Road to SIHH 2016

Good Day my dear friends !!!

As you all may you know, we are only a few days away from one of the biggest watch fairs in the world – exactly 5 days away from January 18th SIHH 2016 Geneva opening doors!

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Cozy dinner with Vincent & Ion from HYT

Good Afternoon Gents! I hope you are having a great day  as I am, specially after such a long day and night yesterday.. I must say it was an epic day from 8am till 11pm, specially ending with a great dinner with the founders of HYT luxury watches at the Dubai Fashion Avenue Lounge.

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Luxury watches and Super cars have always been men’s passion in the Arab world. We appreciate fast cars and the power that they exhibit and project while roaring on our highways . What better way to combine our passion for Super cars and our love for luxury watches into an Amazing creation by HYT H1 Azo. Continue reading “Men vs Watch vs SuperCar vs. The Lady in the Green Dress”

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