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The Road to SIHH 2016

Good Day my dear friends !!!

As you all may you know, we are only a few days away from one of the biggest watch fairs in the world – exactly 5 days away from January 18th SIHH 2016 Geneva opening doors!

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Exclusive..Very Exclusive…Very Very Exclusive…Hautlence HL2.3

I bet you are asking yourself: Hautlence? What is this? Exclusive? Why? I never head of it before?… Well frankly neither have I..but that’s precisely why this brand is so exclusive and under the radar. I have come across some great watch connoisseurs in the Middle East that actually follow this brand and know about it very well, which made me think, I should also know about it too 🙂 Continue reading “Exclusive..Very Exclusive…Very Very Exclusive…Hautlence HL2.3”

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