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Christophe Claret

The Road to SIHH 2016

Good Day my dear friends !!!

As you all may you know, we are only a few days away from one of the biggest watch fairs in the world – exactly 5 days away from January 18th SIHH 2016 Geneva opening doors!

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BaselWorld 2015 – Day 2 – Let the Independents meetings begin – Part 1

Good Morning Folks… I had a great night sleep in my new tiny bed at Fassanenstrasse in Basel.. Yes took me a while to be able to pronounce that street name, but failure to do so, I would have been sleeping outside BAselWorld fair doors. Continue reading “BaselWorld 2015 – Day 2 – Let the Independents meetings begin – Part 1”

Luxury, Gaming, Fancy, Complicated…. Hail the arrival of “Poker” by Cristophe Claret

This year, Christophe Claret finally unveiled his masterpiece he was working on for more than 2 years; the release of this particular model was supposed to be in 2011, but the mechanisms required an additional 2 years of development to cater for a proper 52 card Poker game. Basically, in addition to the actual working watch inside this 45-millimetre wide case, there’s a mechanical card dealer with various components ensuring the results are always random. Continue reading “Luxury, Gaming, Fancy, Complicated…. Hail the arrival of “Poker” by Cristophe Claret”

In the Weekend Spirit – The Unique X-TREM-1 PINBALL from Christophe Claret


What Better Way to start off the weekend with an Amazing creation by Cristophe Claret – The Limited EDition XTrem 1 PinBall

For all those of us who have grown up playing PinBall, this means a lot to be able to have it permanently on your wrist :).. For me personally , even at this age, it is a dream come true

This watch has it all: Bumpers, slingshots and balls are all inside the mechanism. The cool blue and bright orange colours reflect the Pinball concept, and the center tourbillon is just the cheery on top of it all.

The creation of the watch was for a specific purpose which was the 2013 Only Watch charity auction, which was held in Monaco in September

For all those watch lovers with a slight reminiscence for their childhood, here is a watch to keep in mind and stay on the look out for – For me, I am still waiting for the day, to have it wrapped around my wrist, sipping my Rose on the Beach and playing my PinBall game like a 10 year old kid

Happy Weekend Everyone



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