Good Day everyone!!! You are in for a superb treat today as I take you into the world of racing and Polo combined with ultra high end watchmaking! I am talking feather light Richard Mille watches, best in class Polo player Pablo Macdonough and one of the best circuits worldwide in Yas Marina Abu Dhabi.

The team at Richard Mille EMEA has organized a superb afternoon event last week at the Yas Marina Circuit where we gathered in the Racing School to learn a little bit about Polo Sport as well as have some fun with superb watches from the brand. I admit before that day , I knew little to nothing about Polo and beside riding a horse I never even considered trying that sport; but this is the reason why I decided to attend this event and explore something new.


First thing, I noticed once I arrived to the venue is the little box on the table covered hiding underneath it a variety of models from RM ranging from the the special edition RM 53 Tourbillon made for Pablo MacDonough to RM35 Rafa Nadal, the superb RM 27-01, the exquisite RM26-01 Panda and the RM07-01ATZ White ceramic. In short, a real treat to the eyes and wrist of everyone.





We all lined up on the grass and started with the first lesson in Polo: how to swing the mallets and hit the ball!!! quiet similar to some of the Golf techniques but with a much heavier tool to swing with. I was thrilled that we were trained by the Argentinian team of Polo lead by Pablo and his teammates.Talking about world class training!!! – so before hitting the grass, I decided to wear the lightest watch I have a ever worn; the RM 35-01 Rafael Nadal!!! What an insanely amazing watch – extremely light to the point I completely forgot I had anything on my wrist while playing Polo – I even specifically decided to wear it on my right wrist to double check the feeling while I swing with the mallets.



The day kept getting better and better when the trainers decided to bring the horses and let us get a real feel of how the game is played. I had to ride on a horse, thankfully, there was actually someone holding him all the way while I was trying to hit the ball with the mallet and running behind it on the field. That game is not easy at all!! I got quiet frustrated and worried to hit the horses with my mallet while swinging as I was losing control in several instances trying to reach the ball on the grass. Luckily nothing happened and few minutes later I was already exhausted and decided to step down and have my lunch instead 🙂

That lovely day was getting closer to an end as we finished our lunch; we decided to gather around with all the horses  and take a group photo with all the team and the participants.

RM_Polo Clinic_1

RM_Polo Clinic_6

A day well spent with friends, watches and horses 🙂