I came across the Valbray brand this year while instagraming and was fascinated by this new brand and its innovation. After reading more about it, i discovered that the brand began its adventure in 2009  and was founded by an engineer and a designer, Côme de Valbray and Olga Corsini .

The idea behind their innovative approach was born from their passion about photography and optics, which was also the subject of Côme’s thesis. Olga’s designs were inspired by spiral sea-shells, and diaphragm system.  Both together decided to create a playful and interactive timepieces and designed the Obturator System 

The Obturator System


The system is composed of 16 extra thin blades, integrated in a rotating bezel measuring only 45 mm in diameter and 7 mm in width. The diaphragm opens and closes by slowly sliding the blades on each other on a constant and regular circular shape. Once completely opened like a camera lens , the blades completely disappear, releasing a different underlying dial measuring 30 mm in diameter. The bezel is waterproof and requires no button or bar to be operated. The entire system is completely independent of the watch movement and is activated manually by turning the bidirectional bezel with the fingers at 90°



The Hypnosis Limited Edition (100 pieces)

I personally love this limited edition watch due to its beautiful colour blends and material used.  Valbray used Titanium grade 5 as the main material for the watch with black DLC coating. The casing diameter is of 46mm and the strap is a Black alligator with blue stitching. Inside the disks, the watch is made of phosphorescent blue pigment composition (the Super Luminova) that glows in the dark, displaying a beautiful mesmerizing interior. This latest limited edition is retailed at around USD 18,000. Frankly, compared to many other brands and watch designs, it is worth every penny

VALBRAY Oculus V01 Special Edition Hypnosis Blue 01